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Brothers Moving is looking to network! We enjoy being a member of a wide circle in the  community and is always looking for affiliate partners in several different spheres of businesses. You can use our partnership programs to:

  • Grow your business through our affiliate partnership program

  • Help you friends through our refer-a-friend program













Brothers Moving offers a discount for referred clients and a bonus check for the affiliate partner who referred the client. There is no limit in the number of checks issued so the more referrals that are made the higher the benefits will be.

The family moving homes will receive 5% off of the already low moving prices. 

As an example, an apartment rental business referring renters will be granted a bonus check for each client who moves with us (the amount of the bonus check depends on the distance of each move). The clients use Brothers Moving services with a 5% discount.

Valuable benefits include:

  • The business will be mentioned in blogs and pages ( logo and back-link)

  • The customers referred to us by your business will get a 5% discount

  • The affiliate partner will get $30 or $80 check (amount based on the distance moved)


Join the affiliate program by any of the following means:

Phone : 2405598808

Email :











For every friend or family member that books a move with us, you will earn a cash reward

  • $30 for Local Moves

  • $80 for Long-Distance Moves


There is no limit on how many friends you can refer to our services. The more friends you refer, the more cash you earn!

The friend referral program is a great way to help out a friend with their move without loaning out your time or labor.

Brothers Moving treats every client with care and transports their belongings safely and professionally. Clients love the easy to use website, and the helpful staff will answer all their questions.

The friend referral program does not send any spam, and their personal information is kept private. Treat your friends and family to a moving company that is streamlined with an expert team of staff that know what they need to do to ensure clients receive reliable service.

Brothers Moving will make settling into their new home as comfortable as possible. The service will begin with a free quote and then Brothers Moving will estimate the needs for moving supplies or packing assistance. Once the move has been completed the bonus check will be on its way to you.

Joining the friend referral program is quick and easy!

Join the referral program by phone, or sending an email.

Phone : 205598808

Email : 

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